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Neer Dosa/Rice Dosa

Dosa is a popular south Indian breakfast and looks similar to pancake. This is flat and round shaped and crispiness differs as per dosa’s ingredients. There are quite many varieties available and dosas like masala dosa, ghee dosa etc are known to most of us.

Neer dosa is indigenous to South Canara and is famous in north kerala also. It is not so common in my native and I started making this after my marriage. I really like to watch the way my mother-in-law prepares perfect round shaped neer dosas. The raw rice I get differs from what we used to get in kerala, so I had to do some experiments to finalize my soft thin neer dosas 😉

Funny part is, the meaning of “neer” is water, so this dosa is named as water 🙂 Yes, as the name says neer dosa has much more water content than other ingredients. Like other dosas there is no fermentation required for this. So you can make the batter as and when you need it.

Neer Dosa/Rice Dosa


  • Raw rice : 2 cups
  • Cooked boiled rice : 1 cup. If cooked boiled rice not available, you can use other combinations, like Raw rice:uncooked boiled rice 1:1 or raw rice:rice flakes 2:1
  • Grated coconut : 1/2 cup (would be very tasty with tender coconut)
  • Salt : 1/2 teaspoon (for taste)
  • Water : 3 cups (water can be replaced with tender coconut water)
  • Oil : for sprinkling as and when making dosas
  • Preparation

    Wash and soak rice in bowl with plenty of water for 3-4 hours (if you use uncooked boiled rice, you have to soak it overnight).

    In a grinder add raw rice, cooked rice, grated coconut (or tender coconut) and some water and grind well (just like smooth paste). Add remaining water and salt. Mix well using a ladle.

    Keep a flat pan (dosa thawa/pan) on the heat/flame. Once it is hot pour one full ladle batter on it.

    You wont be able to make it flat using ladle as the batter is watery. So turn the thawa to make it circular and flat.

    Sprinkle little bit of oil on it.

    Close the lid and keep it for a minute.

    Open the lid and turn the dosa to otherside using a flat spactula. Do not close the lid this time. Keep it for 30 seconds.

    Take out the dosa from the pan/thawa and serve with chatni or curry.

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