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Kappa (Tapioca) with Kanthari

Tapioca is the root of yuca plant (cassava) which is native to Brazil and is popular around the world. This is widely used in Kerala and is known as kappa, maracheeni, kolli, poola and kizhangu in Malayalam. This is used for making curries, chips, pudding etc. Boiled tapioca with kanthari and onion chutney is a yummy evening snack. Tapioca dry pudding with fish red curry is also popular all over kerala.


  • Tapioca : 200g
  • Water : 2 cups (for final cooking – vary depending on the quality of Tapioca)
  • Salt : 1 teaspoon
  • Kanthari : 4-5 Nos. (Can be replaced with 1-2 green chillies)
  • Onion : 1 No. (If you have small onions use 4-5 Nos)
  • Curry leaves : 6-7 Nos.
  • Coconut Oil : 4-5 teaspoon
  • Water (for boiling Tapioca)

Step 1:
Remove the tapioca skin and wash thouroughly. Cut into cubes as shown below.

Step 2:
In a vessel add tapioca cubes and pour lots of water, as all tapioca cubes should be below the water level. Boil till tapioca becomes a bit tender (around 10 minutes).

Step 3:
Completely drain off the water from tapioca from step 2. Add water (for cooking) and again cook till water is completey dried off.

Step 4:
Using a Mortar and Pestle or mixer grinder, grind together Kanthari, Onion, salt and curry leaves and add into the boiled tapioca. Heat the mix again and pour coconut oil and mix well.

Enjoy Kappa in Kanthari chutney with a hot cup of black coffee!



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