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Gooseberry-Kanthari Chutney

I like chillies, especially the very spicy ones. 🙂

Kanthari Mulaku (a.k.a. bird’s eye chilli, jeeraka paranki) is well known for its size, smell and spice. It is approximately 1/4th size of normal green chillies and one of the hottest chillies which I have ever tasted. As per research, capsaicin present in Kanthari, is around 100,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units) which makes it one of the ten hottest chilli peppers in the world.

These chillies are famous in Kerala and is used commonly for making Chammathi (Chutney) with Kappa (tapioca) and Kanji (rice porridge). But I love to use it in my normal cooking as well, instead of the regular green chillies. These cute spicy chillies with a distinct aroma, are good in reducing the cholesterol. Its medicinal values and special taste makes it an ideal choice for healthy and delicious cooking.

In short, you will see more of this chilly in these pages. Let’s start with a very simple preparation which is prescribed by nature therapists for its healthy ingredients without compromising on taste. Gooseberry Chutney is good in controlling blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and also for improving the immunity. As per my dad’s naturopathy specialist, better to skip your lunch if Gooseberry Chutney is not included in your meal 🙂

Nellikka-Kanthari Chammanthi


  • Kanthari : 4-5
  • Nellikka/Amla/Gooseberry : 1 (take 2 if it is very small)
  • Garlic : 4-5
  • Curry leaves : 3-4 numbers
  • Coconut : 1 cup
  • Salt : ¼ teaspoon (to taste)
  • Prepartion:
    Add all the above ingredients in a mixer grinder and do 3-4 pulses. Mix well using a spoon and take out from the jar.

    Serve with rice/kanji/tapioca.

    Note: This chilly can be easily grown at home in a medium sized pot (say, 20 cm dia). I have two Kanthari plants in my balcony, which gives me much more yield than required for my family. I have replaced most of the daily use of normal green chillies with these special ones.



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