Ghee Dosa / Nei Roast

Nei roast/ ghee dosa was a favourite when I was a student in Kerala. My sister and I loved the masala dosas and ghee roasts in Indian Coffee House in Thalassery. When we went shopping in those days, we ensured we had just enough for the treat at Coffee House and the bus fare back home before we splurged rest of the money we had. With nei roast, I loved how it will come as a cone with that dollop of butter placed on top. I still cannot make the cone, but my ghee roast is becoming the masters’ in taste with time.

Idli batter is used for making ghee dosa. But it needs little more water in the batter to make thin dosas.


    Idli Batter : 2 Cups
    Water : 1/4 cup
    Oil (1 teaspoon for each dosa)
    Ghee/butter (one dollop on each dosa)


Step1: Mix well idli batter and water.

Step2: On a non-stick dosa/pancake pan, Once it is medium hot, pour a laddle of batter.

Step3: Spread the batter in circular motion starting from center. Spray oil if needed.

Step4 : Once the color changes, take out and roll as shown below. Add dollop of butter or spoon of ghee on it.

Nei Roast / Ghee Dosa is ready to serve with Sambar and Chutney. Hmm.. It’s quite a normal way. Let’s try with yum yum egg curry 🙂

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