Draksha Arishtam/ Grapes (Munthiri) Arishtam / Draksharishta

Arishtam is formed by naturally fermenting fruits, plants, roots, leaves and the like over a period of time by soaking in a mix of water and jaggery (or sugar) solution. It is a kind of medicinal wine and is good for various health problems. Draksha is the sanskrit name for Grape (Munthiri) and the arishtam prepared by using grape is the best for digestion, for strengthening heart and also for improving muscular system.

This home-made arishtam might not be exactly same as the one which you buy from Ayurvedic store. But I would say, you dont have to worry about its cleanliness and authenticity 🙂


  1. Black Grapes/Munthiri/Draksha : 1kg
  2. Jaggery : 1Kg
  3. Raisins : 50g
  4. Cloves : 7-8
  5. Black Pepper : 1/4 teaspoon
  6. Cinnamon : 1 (long piece)
  7. Water : 3 cups


Step 1:
Keep grapes in a mix of water, salt and turmeric powder for 2 hours. Wash it thoroughly using normal water and keep it aside. Make 3 portions for layering.

Step 2:
Crush Jaggery and keep it aside. Add cinnamon, black pepper and cloves in a mixer and make fine powder. Make 3 portions for layering.

Step 3:
In a porcelain jar (Bharani) layer one portion of grapes, followed by powder and jaggery from Step 2 and raisins. Continue layering similarly for second and third layer, till all ingredients are over. Pour water and close the lid.

Step 4:
Open the jar next day and stir well using a wooden spatula. Continue this for the next 2 more days. Then close the lid (air-tight closing is important) and keep it for 1 month.

Step 5:
Open it after one month, strain (without squeezing) and take out the liquid. Store this Arishtam in an airtight jar for 1 more month. After one month, pour into another jar and leave out the sediment. This is your final product.

Now Grape arishtam (Draksha Arishtam) is ready to serve or store. The recommended dosage is 15-30ml.



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